Our Team

Dr Mike Ashby

Founder / Director / Advisor

Dr Mike is the Founder and Director of The Breakthrough Company and Author of the book Breakpoints. He is one of New Zealand’s leading keynote speakers and business coaches with his unique blend of intelligence, personal experience, and insight. 

Mike is married with three children, lives in Auckland, and plays the blues.

Ryan Castle

Director / Advisor

Ryan has a wealth of corporate and small business experience. Since 2005 he has been facilitating business workshops, coaching and chairing advisory boards. 

Ryan is a sports nut and lives in Auckland with his wife Paula and their two young children.

Nicky Luis

General Manager

Nicky is the company’s international nomad having lived and worked in many countries around the world. She owned her own hospitality and events business, giving her first hand experience of the challenges business owners face on their path to success.

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Milena Cooper

Digital Manager

Milena leads the development of our online product portfolio. With a background in marketing, technology and education, she creates learning experiences that help people make changes.

Milena lives in Auckland with her husband and two young children and a shed full of tasty brews due to their family-owned craft beer business.

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